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The game is very basic.

Two players, sitting side-by-side, control their own character.

A game of tag. A game of collecting.

One player the Collector, one the Chaser.

The Collector is slow, but has the special ability to toggle its own visiblity.

The Chaser is quick, and it's his/her job to tag the Collector.

When the tag is made, the players switch roles.

Only the Collector can obtain 'bits'.

First player to collect 10 'bits' wins.


Player 1 (Minotaur):

Movement: Up, down, left, right arrow keys OR Left Joystick of controller 1

Go Invisible: M or L key. X button on PS3/PS4 controller 1. A on Xbox Controller 1 *

Player 2 (Lizard-thing):

Movement: R,F,D,G keys OR Left Joystick of controller 2

Go Invisible: Q or Z key. X button on PS3/PS4 controller 2. A on Xbox Controller 2 *

*: You can only go invisible / reveal yourself, if you are the Collector


This was really rushed for the #LD48 competition. I would like to update it with some much needed instructions and polish, and possibly some alternative character selections.

Install instructions

Try running the game in Windowed mode if it crashes or fails to load.

Fiddle around with the resolutions and quality, maybe one of them will work for you - I hope so :)

Otherwise, try hitting your computer to see if that works.


Taggle_Alpha5.zip 7 MB
Taggle_Alpha5_OSX.zip 9 MB
Taggle_Linux.zip 10 MB
LD48_Alpha5_Source.zip 51 MB